Cocktail Regio Nijmegen organises meetings for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) refugees and asylumseekers. Every second Tuesday of each month, there is a meeting at the Pink House. It’s a meeting in which you can meet other LGBT asylumseekers and get to know more about the Dutch (LGBT) community.

Cocktail Nijmegen wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBT Refugees and Asylumseekers are confronted with. Fleeing a country in which you are not safe being LGBT, and ending up in an AZC surrounded by the same people you were fleeing from, is making life not particularly easy. We want to introduce LGBT Asylumseekers to eachother, to the Dutch society and to the LGBT community. In this way we try to improve the social climate for LGBT asylumseekers and make them feel less isolated.

During our meetings, we create a safe environment in which our visitors can be who they are without the fear of being punished for that. Every meeting has a different theme, varying from more serious things like a visit from VWN (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland) to fun meetings with dancing, making music or art.

Besides our meetings, we also organize some activities during ‘pink’ events like Pink Wednesday at the Vierdaagse in Nijmegen, or the Pride Parade in Amsterdam.

Our meetings are on every second tuesday of the month. You are welcome at 18:00, untill around 20:00. Is it your first Cocktail meeting? Feel free to come a little earlier (17:00) to get to know eachother.

Do you have questions or do you want to visit our meetings?

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Cocktail is ook een buddyproject, opgezet door COC Nederland. Via dit project wordt een LHBTI-asielzoeker gekoppeld aan een (vaak Nederlandse) LHBTI-vrijwilliger om sociale activiteiten mee te ondernemen. Het doel van het project is LHBTI-asielzoekers sociaal contact te bieden en daarmee het sociaal isolement van deze groep te doorbreken. Via deze laagdrempelige weg is er iemand om mee te praten en iets leuks mee te gaan doen. Dit contact brengt de asielzoekers ook in aanraking met de Nederlandse maatschappij en de manier waarop in Nederland met LHBTI-zijn omgegaan wordt.

Wil je meer informatie over cocktail, of lijkt het je leuk om buddy te worden? Neem dan contact met de coördinator

Kevin van Ginkel

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